Stowe Away

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00005]Samantha Latham is a little socially awkward and a lot brilliant. When she arrives at Yale, thrilled to finally escape her rural Vermont hometown called Stowe, the focused and driven Sam knows exactly what she wants: an illustrious career as a medical researcher and a relationship with her new best friend Natalie, a talented yet capricious girl who keeps Sam guessing.

Everything changes when Sam must suddenly withdraw from school to care for her invalid mother back in Vermont. Moving back to Stowe means no more brilliant career in medicine, and definitely no more Natalie. As she finds herself alone, faced with a life she never wanted, Sam slowly learns to recalibrate what she considers success, discovering the artistic side of Stowe, a community of lesbians she never imagined existed there, and a new woman


“In this charming, leisurely romance, a young woman attempts to find love while juggling an academic career and family obligations…  Rippon (Barring Complications) builds Sam’s world and relationships with care, conjuring up realistic, sympathetic characters and a cozy setting.”

Publisher’s Weekly Review

“I found myself totally into this book and was fascinated by its different characters…I enjoyed Blythe Rippon’s first book,but I really loved Stowe Away. It was so easy for me to slip into every scene. By the end of the story, I felt like Sam’s friend who has been through a lot with her. A really great story, intense and fascinating!”

 Curve Magazine Review

“Stowe Away is well written, and Blythe Rippon particularly impressed me with her ability to clearly and compassionately show the difficult work it can take to rebuild your life when a crisis forces you to change directions. If you want something a little different with huge character growth, pick up a copy of Stowe Away. It challenged me and I’m so glad I read it.”

The Lesbian Review

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